A Viera Advogados fundiu-se com a Antas da Cunha Ecija. Visite-nos no nosso novo endereço ou contacte-nos através dos canais habituais: www.adcecija.pt

Vieira Law Firm has merged with Antas da Cunha Ecija. Visit us at our new website or contact us through our usual channels: www.adcecija.pt

Vieira Law Firm believes in the provision of global legal services. We recognise merit and skill to Portuguese lawyers that places them amongst their most important international peers.

Portugal is a country with an incredible history and our ancestry allows us to interact with diverse cultures, their languages and needs with relative ease.

In May 1386 we signed the Treaty of Windsor with England - the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world - still in force. In literature we have Fernando Pessoa and, if it were not for the Portuguese Rafael Hitlodeu, the island of Utopia, Thomas More’s most timeless work, would not have been discovered.

We also make our history in art and science, we have developed celestial navigation and the quadrant and we knew how to be pioneers in the protection of human rights. On 10 July 1867 the French writer Victor Hugo wrote a letter to a Portuguese newspaper congratulating the country for being pioneer in the abolition of the death penalty.

We brought Eastern tea, introduced its flavours in Europe and saw as it triggered a fundamental protest action for the American Revolution - the Boston Tea Party. Later, the declaration of independence of the United States of America was celebrated with a toast of our Madeira wine.

We discovered the world by sea, declared wars, signed alliances and spread our language, the fourth most spoken in the world, spoken by 260 million people.

The wars are over, the alliances still exist, the seas continue to connect our continents and our language is part of the economic and political world, being one of the official languages of the European Union.

Vieira Alliance is our brand for international partnerships because we want to position ourselves in the provision of global services and because the Portuguese have been acknowledged for that singularity for hundreds of years.

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